Meira Azrad, Law Firm

The firm of attorney and notary Me’ira Azrad serves many clients and deals in criminal and family law. She also represents her clients in religious courts of every kind: rabbinical, ecclesiastical, and sharia. In the criminal field, the firm serves as an optimal source for legal advice and representation for youths, soldiers, and adults.

The law offices of Me’ira Azrad were established fourteen years ago. Today, lawyer Azrad also works as a certified notary, and provides services of this sort to legal clients. She is also certified to represent clients as a defense attorney in military courts.

The Firm’s Specializations

Matrimonial and Family Law

  •      Wills and Estates — Preparing a will (including notarized wills), handling of a will, filing an objection to a will, inheritance disputes, and more.
  •      Divorce — advice prior to and during divorce, opening a divorce case, representation and support in all family issues accompanying divorce, such as custody, property division, etc.
  •      Alimony — representation of men and women in alimony and child support claims, while preserving the welfare of the involved children.
  •      Property division — representation in property cases following divorce or separation. Finding creative solutions in complex cases for the benefit of the client.
  •      Common Law couples — representation in the face of various entities regarding status as a recognized common law couple and their rights, representation of common law spouses in property, alimony, and other claims.
  •      Family violence — representation of men and women prior to and following the filing of a criminal complaint, handling of orders for protection in claims made during the divorce process and false complaints.

Criminal law

Representation of defendants and suspects in criminal law; from the investigation stage, to the arrest, to the hearing stage prior to the indictment, until the administration of criminal justice, including, appeals and representation before the Parole Board. Areas in which the firm works: representation of minors, representation in military courts, white collar crime, drug offenses, sexual harassment, violent crimes, wrongful death/manslaughter, robbery, and other crimes.

Notary services

Lawyer Me’ira Azrad is certified as an authorized notary in the State of Israel and provides services in this area to a wide customer base. She has fourteen years of experience in the field and bears proper licensing and certification as a notary. Consequently, Azrad is authorized to edit, verify, and certify legal documents that require unique stamps such as contracts of sale, prenuptial agreements, etc. Among the services offered by the office: signature validation, power of attorney, confirmation of certified copies, notarized declarations, apostille, pre-nuptial agreements, financial agreements, notarized wills, and certificates of life.